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Yoga Studio supporting the local community.

Yoga Studio took great pleasure in helping out Julia's House by donating £500.00 of yoga mats to Sue Miles, Julia's House Business Fundraiser. 

These were gratefully received and will be sold via Julia House's charity shop.

 You too can support this worth charity: 

Julia’s House is the only children’s hospice charity in Dorset dedicated to helping life-limited children and their families across the county and in South Wiltshire.


  • Christian says...

    Hi Oga,Thanks for following us. As for the adivce on computer, I’m afraid I can’t give much, the rig I use is old (5 years old) and the game I play on it are Indie games that don’t require much processing power. I love Indie games Since I do game design which also don’t require much power I’ll keep that rig as long as I can. However I believe that with a 900$ budget you can get a good computer that will be able to run most game and development tools.Ciao

    On October 29, 2015

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