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Manduka Black Mat Pro 71" Up for Grabs!!

Friday 6th February 2015

Weekend Giveaway:
Manduka Black Mat Pro 71" Up for Grabs!! (slight manufactures defect on the floor side)

Worth £75!

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Good Luck People


  • Mircea says...

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    On October 29, 2015

  • Alex says...

    You’re an everything or noinhtg type person. I’ve found when it comes to exercise (at least for me) you have to do something, but not everything.You don’t have to do every rep. You don’t have to run a whole mile. You can stop and take breathers. And just say, I’m going to do this for a certain amount of time at a pace I can handle. And if you keep this attitude (in my case anyway) you’ll start to see small improvements.And I refuse to compare myself to anyone else when I work out. This has been key to keeping me on track. I wish I had learned how to do it before I was in my thirties but I’ll take it now. Good luck!

    On April 05, 2015

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