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YOLOHA Sustainable Yoga Mat


We are happy and excited to be opening our first boxes of Yoloha Yoga mats.

They are Sustainable yoga mats from the USA, which have a rubber bottom surface for excellent floor grip and a Cork surface for your grip!


Here we are opening our first shipment box!



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  • Mateus says...

    The Helix is awesome. I own an MGX, Progasm (clear), and Helix, and the Helix beats the other two, no quetsion. The MGX is OK, and good as a starter for new users. The Progasm is probably better for more experienced users as it is, simply, huge. And right between those two is the Helix. The Helix shape is much more aggressive than the MGX, and much quicker and easier to get you to the high-point, without leaving you feeling like you sat on a fence post like the Progasm does. It takes a while to build the muscles up to the point where the Helix works best I’ve had mine for 3 weeks and am just getting there. The Helix does have some peculiarities, most notably a smaller neck than the MGX. At first, it felt like it was going to slip out, but I soon realized that it will slide out about an inch, but that’s it. And it’s the sliding action that really puts the head of the Helix where it counts.For anyone interested in prostate stim, you can’t go wrong with the Helix. It will totally rock your world.

    On December 12, 2015

  • Christopher says...

    The Progasm is just a wee bit TOO big for me. It feels great, but it’s large dimensions cause my neethr regions to constantly try to expel it, usually about the time things get to feeling good. If the stem were a bit smaller perhaps my sphincter could better grip it and hold it in place. I’ve been an MGX user for about 8 months (and love it) and stepped-up to a Progasm (Progasm Ice, actually) last month thinking it would be even better. Perhaps it would be IF I devoted more time to build up the muscles to handle it. For now I’ve got a Helix on order, hopefully it will do what I had hoped the Progasm would do On a positive note, the new round perineum tab on the Progasm is far better than the curved one on the MGX. It’s much less irritating to the perineum area after extended use.

    On October 29, 2015

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