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Yoga Mat Video Reviews - Yoga Studio UK

If you havent seen our Yoga Mat Video Reviews yet - you are missing out! Expert advice and unbiased reviews by a Great Yoga Teacher based here in sunny Dorset.

EcoYoga Mat:

Jade Yoga Mat:

Manduka Black Pro Mat:

PrAna ECO Yoga Mat:

Yoga Studio Sticky Mat:

Enjoy - and let us know your thoughts - More video reviews coming soon!

  • Misael says...

    The key to sticking with it, I’ve found, is not to think. At all. Thinking is dleinitfey the enemy of doing, when it comes to exercising. I can think myself out of anything unpleasant. But when the clock hits noon, I stop what I’m doing, put on my shoes, and go. No thinking allowed . Also I try not to be too ambitious. I figure getting to the gym for 20 minutes is better than not going at all.

    On December 12, 2015

  • Olson says...

    You should check out! It is exiercse meant for normal people just starting out and then you can advance to the more difficult stuff. It has seriously changed how I feel about exiercse. And on those days where the kids won’t leave me alone I just stream one of the 10 minute videos on my phone while they’re in the room. It’s normally $9.95 per month, but you can use the code agarner to get the first 3 months for $20. I am an affiliate and do get a small commission if you use the code, but even if I didn’t, I would share this site with the world! It is that good!

    On October 29, 2015

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