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Yoga Studio French Organic Lavender Scented Linseed Eye Pillows


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  • We are proud to present our own eye pillows which are hand made here in Dorset
  • They are filled with Organic Linseed and Lavender, they have a sealed pillow which allows the cover to be removed and washed
  • The Lavender is of single origin, grown organically from Chateau de la Gabelle, with 450 years lavender growing experience in Provence
  • The beautiful scent and weight of the pillows gives a soothing, relaxing and calming feeling
  • It can be used chilled for tired eyes/headache, or warm for relaxation. Warming the pillow is fine as it is filled with seeds and therefore will not give off a cooked smell like other grain products may
  • You can enjoy it warm, chilled
  • Please note the scent of Lavender will fade over time.



  • Hand made in Dorset, UK
  • The fabric is cotton.
  • The pillow are filled with organic linseed & lavender.
  • Outer cover can be removed and washed.
  • The cover should be washed in cool water and then pressed with a cool iron.
  • Dimensions of the pillow, 23cm x 12/13cm, weight, 200g

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