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Wai Lana Relaxation Yoga Workout DVD



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This Relaxation Workout leads you through exercises that will loosen up your muscles, leaving you relaxed and refreshed. In addition you will:

  • Learn to let go of stress
  • Massage your entire spine
  • Increase flexibility in your elbow and shoulder joints
  • Strengthen your thighs, abdominals and lower back

The Relaxation Workout will help you relieve tension with gentle bending and twisting accompanied by coordinated breathing. And the musical meditation ending the session is just the thing to soothe your jangled nerves.


  • Customised personal workout
  • One asana at a time
  • Opció n de idioma Español (Spanish language option)
  • Meditation
  • Quick hints

Level: Beginner

Running time approx. 50 minutes

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