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Eco Products


Ethical values are very important to Yoga Studio. You will see in the FAQs section, that we don’t just repeat what the manufacturers say about their products. We give our opinion as well, letting you make an informed decision.

We don’t sell what we consider unethical products. Take the ecoYoga mat for example – made in the UK from latex and jute. This is the only truly eco-Yoga mat made from latex that is offered for sale in the UK. There are several other brands and companies that offer “similar” Chinese eco mats and pass them off as “eco-mats” – but they are not. They totally contradict what an eco-yoga mat should be, with the chemicals embedded in the material, the manufacturing standards and the pollution casued. The fact that a lot of firms and brands will go to great lengths to hide the country of origin is a clear giveaway.

Be assured that we will always stock quality items that are sourced responsibly.

We work with our suppliers to ensure the health and happiness of their employees. Thus, sustainable materials are used as far as possible and we are trading ethically.