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The jute is woven specially for the ecoYoga mat. The process of application we use allows for the full characteristic nature of the jute material to be expressed; encased in our unique 100% natural rubber blend. Excellent for any style of yoga practice.

Our most popular selling mat with a pure rubber underside to grip the floor and jute fabric/rubber mix on top. The fabric gives a highly durable, tactile and pleasantly natural surface to work on and the rubber gives superb grip. A mat ideal for all Yogis and Yoginis as the Jute mat combines a cloth surface and sticky mat in one. The Original Eco Yoga Mat is simply one of the best and most earth-conscious yoga mats available today. The Original Eco Mat is composed exclusively of all-natural rubber* and jute fiber.

There are no chemical additives used. It is excellent for any consistent practice of Yoga. Its rubber underside grips the floor while the jute fabric/rubber mix on top offers superb traction - even in a heavy sweat. It is a highly durable, tactile, and pleasantly natural surface to practice on. Made in the UK.



The process of application used to create the ecoYoga jute mats allows for the full characteristic nature of the jute material to be expressed:

  • Encased in our unique 100% natural rubber compound
  • Sustainable/ plant-based materials
  • Made in the UK
  • 100% natural rubber (contains latex)
  • Machine washable
  • Biodegradable
  • Sticky Grippy Non-slip
  • Practical
  • Ethical
  • For beginners and experienced students alike
  • Standard mats: 183cm x 63cm x 4mm (72" x 25" x just over 1/8")
  • Weight:  2kg (4.19lbs

YogaStudio's Yoga Mat Bag:

  • This yoga mat bag has been designed for easy carrying of your rolled yoga mat
  • Manufactured in washable nylon with mesh fabric
  • Netted mesh area for breath ability of your yoga mat
  • Adjustable strap
  • Full length zip for easy access
  • Safe internal pocket
  • Size: 68cm x 15cm The bag can carry a yoga or pilates mat from 4mm up to 6mm thick

Yoga Studio’s Bamboo Brick:

This lightweight, hollow, bamboo brick has rounded edges and corners to provide additional comfort and an easier hand grip. Bricks are ideal for adding lift or grounding in all manner of poses. They can help stabilise and add height in standing and balancing poses, or placed between the knees to activate the outer leg muscles. The bamboo is light, strong, sustainable, and laminated to give a smooth finish.

Yoga Studio’s Cork Brick:

A safer and lighter alternative to the traditional wooden brick, the natural choice. Use in numerous standing and seated postures to provide lift or grounding. With three distinctly different dimensions to vary the height, the brick offers firm support. The brick will not distort under bodyweight, and will not damage floors.

Use & Care


ecoYoga Mat:

  • Standard mats: 183cm x 63cm x 4mm (72" x 25" x just over 1/8")

  • Weight:  2kg (4.19lbs

Yoga Studio’s Bamboo Brick:

  • Size: 7.6cm x12.7cm x 22.9cm (3" x 5" x 9")
  • Weight: 0.450kg

Yoga Studio’s Cork Brick:

  • Size: 23 x 12 x 7.5cm (9" x 4.7" x 3")
  • Weight: 0.450kg

Yoga Studio’s Straps:

  • Purple Metal D-Ring Strap: 3 Meters Long. Webbing: 4cm Wide.
  • Blue Plastic Buckle Strap: 2.7 Meters Long. Webbing: 4cm Wide.

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