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Spikey Yoga Studio Massage Ball


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Yoga Studio Spikey Massage Balls are the perfect tool for releasing tight, uncomfortable muscles, relieving tension and pain. This can either be done by Self-Massage, or by getting a partner to roll the Spikey ball in the affected area.

Spikey Yoga Massage balls are a very effective way to release toxins caught in the body and they improve the blood circulation around your body.

To use - simply roll the ball over the affected area with your hands.

For self massage on the back; place the ball against the wall and you back, simply move from side-to-side or up and down.

Back Massage; another great method is to sit on a desk chair and place the Spikey ball between you and the back of the chair. Leave it there and adjust the position ever 5 minutes - from lower back to higher back.