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Acuball Mini - By Dr. Cohen


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The Acuball Mini works on the same principle as the large Acuball, but is designed for smaller, more sensitive areas.

It is particularly good for treatment of shoulder and upper back pain, as well as feet and legs, and hands and arms.

It is recommended for people suffering from Carpal Tunnel or Plantar Fasciitis.


The Acuball uses 100% natural acupressure, combined with heat, to release tight muscles and joints, providing lasting relief from muscular pain.

Used by many therapists to assist in treatments, the Acuball is also ideal for use at home, while travelling, or even at work.

Developed by leading chiropractor, Dr.Michael Cohen, The Acuball's unique design allows it to get to the root of pain, by accessing the muscle tissue itself.

The first minute or so of treatment can be quite uncomfortable as the ball opens up the areas of tightness, although this swiftly subsides as the painful tissue relaxes through acupressure.

Most users find a significant change after about three minutes, as muscles regain their normal structure and pain starts to ebb away.

There are two sizes of Acuball available; the Acuball and the Acuball Mini. Each designed for specific muscle groups. The Acuball and the Acuball Mini have had fantastic reviews in Canada and the US, and we are pleased to be able to offer it exclusively within the UK.