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JadeYoga Info & FAQs

What are JadeYoga Mats made from?:

Jade Yoga mats are all made from natural rubber. Jade Yoga mats do not contain any PVC or any other synthetic rubbers.

Natural Rubber is taken from the rubber tree. Just like collecting maple syrup – which is tapped from the maple tree. The process of collecting Natural rubber from a rubber tree has been used for centuries (http://www.freeonlineresearchpapers.com/history-of-rubber).

Natural Rubber is a sustainable, renewable resource. Jade argue that they use natural rubber because it grips better and has more cushion than any other of the synthetic rubbers on the market such as PVC, PER, TPE, EVA etc. Jade Yoga loves the earth – just like us at Yoga Studio! They state that natural rubber is the best choice of material for yoga mats because not only is it great for yoga mats but its also better for the earth, because its sustainable and does not product any toxins or harmful chemicals.

Jade state: “In addition to natural rubber, our yoga/exercise mats contain both natural and man-made components. The precise components of our mats are proprietary (the last thing we want is someone knocking off our mats)”

In other words they won’t reveal what holds the mat together.

We can however tell you that most rubber mats have a scrim to ensure the mat doesn’t stretch usually made from or polyester and/or organic cotton.

Since Jade state there are both man-made and natural components in their mats – one would think a blend of polyester and organic cotton makes up the scrim.

Jade Yoga State: Our mats do not contain PVC, heavy metals of ozone depleting substances. All components are approved by the FDA for use in rubber in continuous content with food.

Is there Latex in JadeYoga Mats?

Although Jade mats are 99% latex free, as they from a rubber tree, there may be trace amounts of latex proteins in the mats so JadeYoga recommend persons with latex allergies to avoid contact with their mats.

Where in the World are JadeYoga Mats Made?

Jade mats are made in the United States in compliance with all US environmental, labour and consumer safety laws.

Yoga Studio love the fact that JadeYoga Mats are made in the US, by US citezens, to US standards and safety laws. We cannot find any other rubber mat that is made in the US


Is there a rubber smell on the mat, and if there is when will it go away?

Tere is a slight rubber smell with a brand new JadeYoga mat. The natural smell will dissipate over time. Jade state that the best way to accelerate this is to air the mat out in a well-ventilated area. They even suggest using a fan to help this process. JadeYoga clearly warn again ever storing a Jade mat in direct sunlight.

Because natural rubber has natural variations in smell, and everyone has different sensitivities, the amount of time it takes for the smell to dissipate varies. For most people Jade say a week or two is enough – but for some people it may take a month or two (just like with a car or bike tyre or anything made out of rubber, even then there will be some residual smell).

Yoga Studio advice: All natural Rubber Yoga mats smell initially. Anyone who says different is telling porky pies. This smell does ware off over time. You can indeed accelerate this by either; leaving your mat in a well-ventilated area or by cleaning the mat with any yoga mat cleaning solution or you can make you own.

How do I clean my JadeYoga Mat?

As Jade yoga mats act like sponges - and hold water, we recommend simply wiping the surface of your mat on a regular basis with plain water. If your mat needs an occasional deep cleaning, that is fine, but you should be aware that as Jade mats act like sponges, holding soap and water, you must be prepared to thoroughly rinse and dry your mat.

You can wash your mats by soaking in a bathtub or shower, hosing it off. We recommend a mild soap. Do not use oils, solvents or harsh abrasives. The yoga mat should then be hung or laid flat to dry. DO NOT DRY IN OR ALLOW PROLONGED EXPOSURE TO DIRECT SUNLIGHT.

What do you mean by "Buy a mat - We plant a tree?"

While it has always been JadeYoga’s goal to make the best performing yoga mat on the market and Jade are very proud that Harmony is made with natural rubber, a renewable resource, contains no PVC or ozone depleting substances and is made in the United States in compliance with US environmental laws -- JadeYoga felt we could and should do even more.

They looked for a partner to help them give back to the earth and found Trees for the Future to be the right choice. JadeYoga like about Trees for the Future is that they work with local communities on projects that are environmentally and economically sustainable.

They are not about going in and dictating what they are going to do, doing it and walking away. They engage the local community which leads to a project that can continue long after Trees for the Future has left. ‘Trees for the Future’ works to develop and implement programs to improve living standards for the participants, by the careful management, rather than the exploitation, of our natural resources. Through this partnership with Trees for the Future, JadeYoga plant a tree for every yoga mat they sell.