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Artogi Lotus Yoga Mat


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"The Lotus throne or ‘Padmāsana’ is the position seen in many forms of religious artwork 
and statues dating back thousands of years. It is said to encourage breathing through meditative 
practice and to foster physical & metaphysical stability."
Combining art with yoga our mats are beautiful, unique and eye-catching. Made with a microfiber absorbent top layer and natural rubber base makes them completely eco-friendly.
Lightly spray the mat with the 30ml spritz water bottle provided before practice for improved grip and to activate our non-slip factor.

Features -
  • Perfect for warm and hot yoga.
  • Comes in a tube just like a piece of art ready for you to unroll. 
  • Eco Friendly + Biodegradable.
  • Made with love & creative juice!
Size -
1730mm x 610mm x 3mm | 2.15KG