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Carrot Banana Peach 100% Organic Yoganizer Yoga Mat Bag



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100% Organic Yoganizer Yoga Mat Bag Carrier
Soft yet rugged, this cotton canvas bag is packed with features to help organise yourself for yoga class. Double zip technology so that you can reach deep inside with ease. There's plenty of pockets inside, for when you hang it up inside a locker, to store all your valuables and gubbins! There's an easy drop water compartment on the outside of the bag to put a small size water in it. So you can drink on the go and find easy storage. Also includes an iPhone holder on the handle that's detachable. Big solid adjustable strap to make carrying it even easier.  All made from organic cotton. 65cm Wide

Benefits Of Organic Cotton Poplin:
Quick Drying
Wind resistant


  • 65cm Long
  • 23cm Wide
  • 11cm Diameter

We have woven a fabric out of 100% pure cotton, without the need for synthetic materials. The result is a smooth garment that you can use in a diverse range of sports and leisure. Lined with one of the world's most sustainable materials, bamboo. It comes with a recycled hang tag printed in soy ink to explain the product, covered in a biodegradable poly bag that is resealable.