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Carrot Banana & Peach Women's Bamboo Hatha Halter



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A classical and elegant top made from Carrot Banana Peach's unique blend of stretchable organic cotton and bamboo fabric, Bamboton.

What makes this top so usable for yoga is it's lightweight composite and incredible ventilation. This is thanks to the open back design as well as the technical construction of the built in bamboo mesh lined support bra with removable pads.

So whilst it looks classical and elegant on, its also ready to perform at all levels of yoga.

The princess lines at front chest help keep you further supported and control the comfort and position of the top through each stretch, bend or twist.

Product Info

sku U1303
Activity Yoga for Her
Collections Womenswear
Fabric Bamboton
Style Tanks
Features In built support bra (removable pads)
Cut Active cut



Use of bamboo is one of the fastest growing eco-movements going on in the world.

Bamboo is a form of grass as apposed to tree, which means we can grow lots of it in a compact area without intruding on other valuable land.

Its use as a raw material does not deprive local communities from a valuable resource but rather provides long term growth for the management of it.

Bamboo requires no water maintenance as it draws water from the humidity in the air, leaving precious water supplies to communities who depend on it to live.

Bamboo can grow up to 2 feet in the space of a week, meaning its very sustainable and again requires less land space to meet demands.