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Carrot Banana Peach U9032 Poplin Warrior Bermuda Mens Shorts



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Mens Poplin Warrior Bermuda Shorts
This lightweight, breathable short in pure cotton is a great match to the performance of synthetics but has the comfort of natural fabric. Features anti-bacterial bamboo mesh-lining that fights smells and is anti-fungal. The design is crafted to ensure minimum resistant throughout yoga, offering a weighless fabric with maximum ventilation that's 100% natural and organic. Whilst it loves yoga, you can run, play tennis or swim in them, thanks to their woven nature and durability that's quick drying.

  • Breathable
  • Quick Drying
  • Wind resistant
  • Lightweight
We have woven a fabric out of 100% pure cotton, without the need for synthetic materials. The result is a smooth garment that you can use in a diverse range of sports and leisure. Lined with one of the world's most sustainable materials, bamboo. It comes with a recycled hang tag printed in soy ink to explain the product, covered in a biodegradable poly bag that is resealable.

Available In 2 Colours - Blackberry - Navy