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Clean Freek Gearguard 300 - 250ml Bottle


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The Technology -
In 2008, several top sports brands issued a challenge to its manufactures to create something that could be added to the manufacturing process to stop their clothes from smelling of body odour when sweated in.Goldshield’s owner took this challenge to Emory University in Atlanta who reformulated an existing methanol based formulation stabilising it in water. The owner then concentrated the main focus on the more suited application in healthcare. 
The resulting residual protection was quickly identified as a potentially life saving technology and was introduced into Medical environments where it has been used to great effect. 
The residual technology works like this 
Clean Freek's technology forms a covalent bond, which allows it to remain affixed to any hard or soft surface such as textiles, hard surfaces or skin. The surface is then positively charged generated by a nitrogen molecule, which pulls in negatively charged microbes. Through a long chain carbon, this unique assembly penetrates the cytoplasmic membrane physically stabbing the cell releasing ions, denaturing proteins and causing cytoplasm to leak so the cell is then destroyed. This renders the microbe dead and incapable of any adaption. 
Clean Freek uses a technology that not only cleans and disinfects any surface but also protects it from microbes that land on the treated surface once it is dry. 
Extensive clinical trials have shown the product will remain active for at least 24 hours and for up to 14 days with a single application, depending on the product chosen and the type of surface treated. 

Imagine putting a force field around your favorite bit of gym kit that kills all microbes that are introduced to it when you or someone else uses it. 


Welcome to Gear Guard 300

  • 14 day mono-molecular protection after initial application
  • 99.999% kill rate
  • Helps stop cross contaminations from user to environment.
  • Reduces and removes odours caused by bacteria.
  • Safe for use on all hard surfaces, rubber, leather & textiles
Ideally suited for – 

  • Gym equipment 
  • Fight gear
  • Gym clothes
  • Gym bags
  • Water fountains
  • Gym flooring and matting
  • Changing rooms
How to use Gear Guard 300 -
  • Hard surfaces (Equipment, weights, machines, mats, flooring, exterior boxing gloves etc)
  • Ensure treatment areas are visibly clean.
  • Make sure mist spray variation on bottle is selected if applicable 
  • Spray directly onto area 
  • For best results, allow to dry naturally, but if time is an issue leave for 30-45 seconds and then wipe with cloth.
  • Repeat 14 days after initial application
  • Textiles (clothing, gym bags, towels, carpet, interior boxing gloves etc)
  • Ensure treatment areas are visibly clean.
  • Make sure mist spray variation on bottle is selected if applicable 
  • Spray directly onto or into area 
  • Allow to dry naturally
  • To completely remove odour from old boxing gloves, trainers, mma gear etc follow steps above but completely saturate gear.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Repeat above steps until odour is gone.
  • Once odour is removed,  consistent 14 day treatment will continue to keep smell in check as well as kill bacteria, viruses and funguses.