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Crystal Energy Bracelet - Rose Quartz


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Crystal Energy Bracelet.

Rose Quartz:
LOVE - known as the love stone Aids peacefulness and calm in relationships.

Rose quartz is associated with romantic love and is said to attract care and affection to those who use it. It is believed to promote self-acceptance and understanding. Rose quartz is purportedly supportive to the recently bereaved or broken hearted. This quartz variety has a depth of pink tones that light up the skin and enhance your space. Our high quality crystal and craftsmanship brings you the richest rose tones and makes a beautiful piece. Use our rose quartz crystal wand to soothe the body and bring love into your life.
The rose quartz in each wand can differ slightly in pink colour from the one illustrated as these are natural products. The wands are highly polished and very smooth to the touch and rounded at both ends. Ideal size and comfortable to hold in the hand.