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Firetoys - Aerial Yoga Trapeze Speader Bar 60cm


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This spreader bar essentially turns a single rigging point into two rigging points! If you only have one point to hang aerial apparatus from then this spreader bar will be very useful for hanging aerial yoga hammocks and trapezes.

As standard, this product comes with 1x 60cm spreader bar, 2x 50cm black steel cables and 5x shackles. As an optional extra you can add a pair of 1m long black steel cables to hang below the bar. The extra 1m cables are useful if your anchor point is very high up and you need your trapeze or yoga hammock a little lower.

The spreader bar is made from steel and has the same high quality, black powder coated finish as our aerial hoops. The bar is 60cm long and the plates at the ends are 10cm tall and 5cm wide. The steel cables are also manufactured to a very high standard and continue the sleek black theme of this trapeze / aerial yoga spreader bar. 

The sling shown at the very top of the main picture is not included and is just for illustrative purposes.

The working load limit of this set is 150kg

Specification -
Manufacturer Aerial Yoga Swings
Country of Manufacture - UK
Working Load Limit  - 150kg (330 lbs)
Breaking Load Limit  - No