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Firetoys - Lyon 18mm Nylon Sling


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Please note: this product does not include a carabiner or pulley. The picture is for illustrative purposes only.
These nylon slings from Lyon are 18mm wide and are great for using between components of rigging apparatus. These slings can be used as temporary anchor points in some situations but should not be used around hard corners or abrasive surfaces. They are also harder to inspect when used as an anchor point and these slings should be checked for wear every time they are used. Please consult an experienced rigger if in doubt and always work within the manufacturer's recommendations.

These slings are also a possible alternative to daisy chains when hanging aerial yoga hammocks if you do not need the ability to adjust the hammock's height.

Choose lengths ranging from 20cm to 150cm. BLL: 24kN

This sling also comes in a wider, 25mm width.

  • 20cm: 20g
  • 30cm: 28g
  • 50cm: 43g
  • 100cm: 81g
  • 150cm: 120g
Specifications - 
Manufacturer  - Lyon
Country of Manufacture - France
Working Load Limit  - No
Breaking Load Limit  - 24kN
CE - Yes
EN Certification - EN 566
UIAA certification - No
Material Type - Nylon
Weight - No