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Gaiam Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions for Menopause DVD


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The Mayo Clinic Menopause DVD contains several sections. There is a chapter in which several doctors, nutritionists and health care specialists discuss what you can expect with regard to transitioning into menopause and discuss options and myths in such areas as synthetic versus "natural" bio-identical hormones and various supplements. I especially like that they stress that menopause is a natural part of life, not a disease, and not everyone needs "treatment." I was already familiar with much of what was presented because I've done a lot of my own reading and research, but for anyone interested in sorting fact from fiction, I think it contains good, up-to-date information.
There is a brief meditation section that I haven't used and then a separate yoga section that is about 25 minutes long. The yoga session is led by Colleen Saidman, who is joined by two other women in a nice outdoor setting. The two women demonstrate the poses and Colleen alternates between joining in the pose herself, or walking between them, helping to adjust their postures. The poses are shown at different levels, with modifications for those who are less flexible and more challenging positions for those who are ready to move on. The instructor is pleasant and the spiritual factor associated with yoga is not over-emphasized here, though not altogether non-existent. She does mention from time to time how the pose is supposed to be relevant to menopause (positions that are alleged to stimulate the ovaries, decrease bloating, help cool you down in a hot flash, etc.). All in all, I think it is very accessible to those who are not familiar with yoga postures/terms and can be used as a nice means to stretch and unwind.