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Himalayan Salt Lamp Mini USB Desk Light


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Hand crafted USB light up Himalayan salt lamp on wooden base.

The lamp when lit gives a warm natural glow.

The USB fitting and cable is included.

Salt lamps give a warm glow to any environment while the crystal produces healthy negative ions. These ions improve the quality of the air which promotes good health.

Himalayan Salt Lamps are not only visually stunning but provide innumerable health benefits.  They are natural negative ion generators as the salt attracts moisture.
The interaction of humid air with the surface of the salt crystal releases negative ions.   

As well as using these lamps in the office as a USB through your computer or laptop, they can also be used with a phone charger.

They are especially great in the bedroom where they create a warm glow environment as a gentle night time light.

Please Note,
Shape can vary slightly as this is a natural product.
Height - Approx 3 Inches