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Kulae Jīvana Yoga Mat 4mm


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The Sanskrit translation for Jīvana is life. The Jīvana Mat will enhance your life and last a lifetime.

The Jīvana Mat offers closed-cell technology which prevents moisture and bacteria from penetrating the surface of the mat.

The super grip and ideal weight make for an amazing practice with leverage and stability. The sustainable, latex-free, non-toxic Jīvana Mat is offered with a Lifetime Guarantee!


  • 2kg; 183cm long x 61cm wide x 4mm thick
  • Made from non-toxic PVC
  • Closed-cell technology
  • Durable
  • Latex-free

Use & Care

For best results, clean your jƒ´vana Mat using a damp sponge or towel along with Mat Cleaner or any organic household cleaner. Do not place this mat in a washing machine or a dryer as it could damage the machines. Hand-wash and hang-dry only.


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