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Manduka Round Meditation Yoga Cushion


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  • Stillness awaits you with your new peaceinpeaceout Meditation Cushion
  • The innovative hybrid cotton / buckwheat hull construction provides optimal hip support for seated meditations and poses
  • And, it can be customized with just the right amount of eco-friendly buckwheat hulls
  • With a quick-drying eQua Plus fabric outer cover and a travel-friendly handle, this cushion can help you find calm in the studio or at home
  • You've just found the support you've been seeking all along
  • Enjoy


  • Size: 38cm diameter x 9cm high
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Zipper access to the buckwheat hulls that fill half of the inner cushion allows for removal or addition of buckwheat hulls depending on body type and desired support
  • Removable Microfibre cover – The outer cover is high quality, odour-resistant, and made from our eco friendly Cocona eQua Plus fabric
  • The cover is easily removable.
  • The cover material is soft to the touch and the cushion is supportive yet soft enough for extended periods of sitting during meditation
  • A lighter weight alternative to other meditation cushions – it’s a manageable weight for portability without any compromise to the durability or support of the cushion
  • Buckwheat hulls are the husks of a fruit product, and therefore are not a grain or a wheat-related product
  • People with wheat allergies should not have a problem using this product

Use & Care

  • Outer Cover: Machine wash on cold with like colors
  • Tumble dry on low recommended
  • Do not use dryer sheets or scented detergents
  • Inner Cover:
  • Inner cover can be washed & dried but remove all buckwheat hulls before washing/drying
  • Do not get filled inner cushion wet as it will cause damage to buckwheat hulls
  • Do not get the cushion wet as buckwheat hulls will no longer function properly after being soaked with water
  • If buckwheat hulls do get wet & become damaged, they can be replaced with new hulls
  • Buckwheat hulls can be purchased from your local grocer

Green Mission

  • Outer Cover:
  • Cocona technology utilizes recycled coconut shells that would have otherwise gone to landfills
  • Through a patented process, the coconut shells are converted into activated carbon particles which are then infused into the microfiber
  • The active carbon renews itself when washed and the benefits will endure or improve over the lifetime of the cover
  • Inner Cover:
  • Cotton batting is a natural material
  • Organic buckwheat hulls are a sustainable product because the hulls (aka the husks) are utilized after the harvesting of the buckwheat fruit that grows inside
  • These husks would otherwise go to waste