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Salubrion Enso Pearl Meditation Timer


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  • The Enso Pearl was designed to be the ultimate timer. Use it for your meditation, yoga, or reiki session or during therapy, teaching or traveling
  • Enso Ring - Salubrion created an innovative method for conveying time using the Japanese Enso. Enso, which means circle in Japanese, symbolises enlightenment, elegance, and the universe. Traditionally, the enso is painted with a single clockwise brushstroke. The Enso is gradually brushed on-screen as time progresses. You can glance at the Enso and see the relative amount of time that has elapsed, eliminating the distraction of focusing on the exact numerical time that remains
  • Ultimate Timer - The Enso Pearl features Interval Timing in which you can create sequential timers that run one-after-the-other to compose an overall session. Set a custom sequence that mirrors your personal practice to guide you. The Enso Pearl also features a new Repeat Timing function for multiple repetitions of a single timer. You may also count-up like a stop watch with the Enso Pearl. The timers may all be set in hours, minutes, and seconds
  • Soothing Chimes - At the end of each interval or timer, one of several available soothing chimes is played. Chimes are recorded from Tibetan and Japanese singing bowls as used in traditional meditation sessions. Using the latest audio technology, the Enso Pearl's reproduction of the singing bowl chimes is of the highest quality and virtually indistinguishable from the original
  • In addition to the Timer, Salubrion's clock can be used as an Alarm Clock, featuring the same soothing chimes. The clock can be placed flat on the floor in front of you for use during seated meditation, or propped up using the elegant hinged stand that folds out of the back of the clock to place on your night stand. Each Enso Pearl includes a convenient carrying case with an integrated cleaning cloth that both protects and polishes.


  • Create a Timer for your meditation sequence to take you deeper, while a subtle chime signals your transitions
  • The Enso Ring shows your progress without the need for numbers


  • Enhance your meditation, pranayama, or asana practice by setting a Timer that mirrors your flow
  • Go deeper into your breath and pose with a mind free from timing worries
  • Reiki: Stop watching the clock during your Reiki practice. Set the new Repeat Timer to chime repeatedly after 90 seconds, 2 minutes, or any other duration you desire for your session.
  • Therapy: Enrich your therapeutic sessions with chimes that provide a subtle 50-minute reminder. View the progress of your session with the Enso Ring, eliminating the distraction of number.
  • Teaching: Interval Timers bring elegant structure to your teaching, whether leading sun salutations, lecturing on symmetry in the universe, or proctoring an exam on English poetry.
  • Alarm Clock: Awake calm and refreshed to start your day whether at home or on the road. The soothing chimes of the Alarm Clock provide a peaceful transition to consciousness.


  • Diameter: 9.7cm
  • Thickness: 2cm
  • Includes 2 AAA batteries


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