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Salubrion Seat


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  • Built upon thirty years of meditation experience, the Salubrion Seat provides exceptional support for floor sitting, assisting in proper back alignment and lumbar curve for superior comfort
  • At a slightly elevated state, the user benefits from increased blood flow to the legs and greater relaxation
  • The new memory foam cushion contours to your body, enhancing comfort and enabling deeper and longer sitting sessions due to the elimination of distracting aches, pains, and fatigue


  • Use in place of a traditional cushion, sitting comfortably without the need to readjust or refluff.
  • Sit undisturbed for deeper and longer sessions
  • Free your mind from sitting pains and problems


    • Use as part of your yoga practice to increase flexibility in your hips and legs.
    • Comfortably ease into seated poses
    • Easy to carry to your studio or retreat

      Floor Seating

      • Provide occasional seating around a coffee table for chatting with friends
      • Play comfortably on the floor with children without back pains
      • Stack and store easily in a closet when not in use
      • Only 2 pounds light, the Salubrion Seat is easy to take with you wherever you desire to sit comfortably
      • Whether meditating, camping, or just relaxing with your friends, the Salubrion Seat will be there to support you
        • 0.81kg; 38cm diameter x 11.4cm high
        • Don't forget to order a Carrying Bag with your Salubrion Seat for easy transport to the studio or gym