Shanti Silver Lotus Flower Necklace With 20" Chain | Yoga Studio

Shanti Silver Lotus Flower Necklace With 20" Chain


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Our simple and elegant Lotus Flower Necklace has been created in sterling silver, with a polished finish.

Throughout history, and in many faiths and cultures around the world, the lotus flower is synonymous with purity, spiritual awakening, faithfulness and beauty. As the lotus is able to emerge from the murky waters from where it grows, un-spoilt, pure and exquisite, it is considered to represent a wise and enlightened person, and symbolises how one should live in the world in order to gain release: without attachment to one's surroundings.

This necklace comes fixed to either a matching 18" or 20" link chain with a spring clasp. It is also available in gold or rose gold. The lotus measures approximately 20mm wide by 20mm high, and is 1mm thick.