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Yoga Imagine This - DVD Region 2 Approx Running Time 50 Mins

Anne-Marie is an internationally renowned teacher and trainer who qualified with Swami Vishnu Devananda in 1984, and founded the Sun Power Yoga Teacher Training Centre in 2003.
Her students often ask "What does yoga feel like. What Should I be feeling?" These are such good and important questions. Using visual mind pictures to illustrate how to get the best from a pose and how you may feel while performing it; allows the student to move into deeper postures but also to experience the intense meditative state that is also part of a yoga practice.
This session is based around a Sun Power Yoga series and should be used after watching it first in a relaxed way; maybe with your feet up and a cup of tea! Listening to the instructions and helpful aids to visualising what you can feel and achieve allows you to get the best out of your time practice. Practice the breathing and introduction in your own time and back off at any-time if you need to. Most importantly you should enjoy the session never force it! 

Yoga Om The Ball - DVD Region 2 Approx Running Time 60 Mins

OM THE BALL/ YOGA ON THE BALL demands control of the Breath, the understanding of the body’s alignment and the innate harnessing of the Mind
The term a ‘Balanced Life’ sounds easy but we know how hard it is to achieve. Ball work considers all of the above; but left alone without the use of the Minds Intelligence, the Breath to continue with and the Body to respond to: then it’s just Exercise.
Bringing Yoga and Ball work together has been challenging and surprisingly rewarding, especially for the Mind.
As the Body is controlled so is your life, through work on the internal body. You may be able to feel more energy released and therefore stress levels lowered. 
OM THE BALL starts as a simple daily routine that is achievable and can progress to higher levels of difficulty. Is excellent for ante and post natal pregnancy, the young and mature practitioner.
Helps tone the body lose weight and is fun too! 

Yoga Divine - DVD Region 2 Approx Running Time 70 Mins

At last the long awaited new DVD from Anne-Marie Newland; called YOGA DIVINE ' SELF PRACTICE FOR ALL LEVELS' It allows the user to see more than one way of performing a posture. Whatever level you are you will grow into the DVD. Laid out in a split screen format so you can see the 2 or 3 ways of doing a pose; the instruction is thorough, inspiring and authoritative. Anne-Marie 35 years of teaching comes across with ease and clarity. We hope you really enjoy working with it as much as we have loved making it!

Yoga For Sport - DVD Region 2 Approx Running Time 60 Mins

Presented by Anne-Marie Newland, the UK representative of the European Yoga Council, this programme presents a yoga system based around an ancient technique known as Ashtanga Vinyasa.