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The Acuball Kit


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Complete Acuball Kit

The tools, knowledge and inspiration you’ll get with the Acuball kit are tremendously empowering.
You’ll use it to enhance your wellness and relieve your pain for years to come – truly unbeatable health care value!  Empower yourself to heal with Dr. Cohen’s Acuball kit.

The Acuball Kit Includes:

  1. The Acuball.  It’s patented HEATABLE design effectively releases muscle and joint tightness anywhere in the body.You have to feel it to believe just how good it is!
  2. The smaller Acuball-mini. Works wonders on the smaller muscles of the hands, feet, shoulders arms and upper back. It’s also an incredible massage tool - try it on your partner’s shoulders.
  3. Easy Start Guide. Gets you relieving pain and enhancing vitality immediately.
  4. A 62 minute high quality instructional DVD. Filled with valuable info that empowers you to zero in on the exact areas you need work on. Featuring special sections for computer users, low back pain sufferers and proven easy to do stretch programs.
  5. Dr. Cohen’s empowering 190 page book - Feel It? Heal It! A powerful and inspiring guide to your self-healing that combines over two decades of Dr. Cohen’s clinical knowledge & unique first hand experiences with native healing traditions around the world with the latest findings from Mind-Body medicine research. A must read chapter for computer users, special stretch programs, low back pain sections plus proven pain & stress relieving techniques make this a truly valuable resource.