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WAGs Flex Grip Gloves


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WAGs - Flex (Wrist Assured Gloves) has a slimmed down wedged gel pad for a versatile work out glove to ease or prevent wrist discomfort.

The shorter Flex pad allows for more palm contact when weight bearing or grasping equipment.

With a non-slip palm plus the contoured gel pad, the Flex adds comfort to a variety of your fitness activities.

Great Choice for:

  • Mild Wrist Pain / Discomfort
  • Thumb Pain / Protection
  • Prevention / Enhance Comfort

Cross Training Style Gloves:

  • Contoured Gel Pad eases wrist discomfort.
  • Non-slip exterior palm.
  • Absorbent inner palm liner.
  • Machine Washable.



  • Inside WAGs Flex is a contoured resilient gel pad that covers mid-way to palm crease.
  • Like the Ultra pad is thicker at the heal of the hand to cushion and support the carpal bones.


  • Shorter pad allows for more direct palm contact with floor when weight bearing or flexing fingers to grasp equipment.


  • Flex pad is ~30% thinner so wedge shape gel pad elevates the heel of the hand ~ 5 to 8 degrees.


  • The V shaped cut out eliminates direct pressure on the median nerve where it crosses the wrist.


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