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Yoga & Pilates Sitting Block


Volume Discount Pricing


  • Our Yoga and Pilates Sitting Block is larger and Thicker than traditional blocks
  • It is the Largest Block we sell
  • Sitting Blocks are large Blocks which allow both your sitting bones to fit onto the block at the same time
  • Therefore allowing you level your posture in Yoga and Pilates postures
  • Ideal choice if you only want one single block (rather than 2 or more of the standard yoga blocks)
  • Check out our Head Blocks: Head Block


  • Chamfered edges to maximum comfort and grip
  • All Our Blocks & Bricks come Fully cellophane wrapped, to ensure they reach you in a perfect, clean condition


  • Size: 320mm x 250mm x 60mm
  • Weight: 450 Grams