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Aerial Yoga Swings - Tri Aerial Yoga Stand


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Practice your Aerial Yoga whenever and wherever you want with the affordable Tri Aerial Yoga support stand from Aerial Yoga Swings. The Tri stand has been specially designed to hang your Aerial Yoga Swing (Hammock) inside your house, gym, Yoga studio or outside in your garden. Weighing approximately 15kgs, it is light weight, portable, stable and easy to assemble. 
The Tri Stand is very convenient for Hammock Yoga or Aerial yoga, when you
Have no place to hang your swing. The Tri Stand is made from steel tubing and the gantry is equipped with 3 fixing points to hang your swing.

The Tri Stand Dimensions Are: 
• Height: 2.21 m / 7'2"
• Width : 1.43 m / 4'7"
• Depth : 2.39 m / 7'8"
• Clearance between the two sides : 1.43m.

The Steel Tube Dimensions Are:
• Horizontal Beam Dia : 50mm
• Feet Dia : 40mm
• Reinforcements Dia : 30mm

Weight & Assembly:
Weight: Approx 15 Kgs / 33 lbs
Color: Black 
Weight limit: 200 kg /440 lbs

The Tri stand is easy to assemble; each part comes labeled and the Tri stand comes 
with a full set of easy to use Instructions taking you through the setup step by step. 
You can also watch our full instruction video guide here.