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Yoga Whale Back Bender - Dorney. Lacquered Valchromat


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Yoga Studio's Whale Back Bender - aka: PennDwi Dada Viparita Dandasana Bench is a Premium Back Bender.

Naturally Hand Made from Start to Finish here in England. One Solid fully constructed piece. This is not "flat-packed" like cheaper back benders on the market.

The Design of the Penn and Dorney Back Benders remain true to the original working drawings used at the Ramamani Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune, India January 1994. 

The use of the Yoga Whale Back-Bender is an excellent way of supporting back-bend poses.

Complete relaxation in the pose is possible and the back-bender is wide enough so that the entire back and spine are fully supported whilst stretching, without placing stress on other joints. The chest and lungs are expanded during use which allows for easier breathing.

Using the back-bender for support can also assist in the relief of sciatic or other spinal pain.

Dorney back-benders are available in:

Dorney back-bender:

Size: 760mm x 300mm x 298mm (H)

Weight: Aprox; 8 kg


All of the wood used is supplied from Forest Management Certified forests (FSC or PEFC) and Certificates of Chain of Responsibility can be supplied if required. Products are shipped in fully assembled form, wrapped in protective bubble wrap and mailed or couriered in custom made cardboard boxes.


Only organic dyes are used. Small wood fibres in their pure state are visible on the surface, giving its natural look. Valchromat® has been approved by the British standards association as safe to use in the manufacture of children’s toys. The manufacture is very environment friendly – no waste water, no dangerous fumes. Valchromat® is chemically inert and can be recycled. Formaldehyde emission is below the limit for wood-based materials. The surfaces are resistant to all common household solvents and chemicals and therefore, have been used in many applications where cleanliness and hygiene are important.

About 'Furniture By Martin'

Martin has been making fine hand crafted furniture of excellent quality in his modern workshop in Penn Street near Amersham, Buckinghamshire for over ten years.

Expertly crafted to the same demanding standards set by Furniture by Martin, these back benders are of the highest quality, based on original designs from the Ramamani Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune, India.

True to the original Iyengar principles brought up to date with modern materials and finishes these beautifully made pieces of furniture will provide many years of use, are stunning to look at and strong enough to handle to most rigorous treatment.

Each piece is hand made from the very highest quality material and it is shipped in fully assembled form. All of the wood used is guaranteed from sustainable sources and is supplied from Forest Management Certified forests (FSC or PEFC) with Certificates of Chain of Responsibility.