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Lotus Design Zen Meditation Roll


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The Roll is our Japanese inspired meditation roll from our Zen collection. If you prefer the traditional kneeling meditation rather than sitting cross legged, this is perfect for you. The shape adapts to your body, giving you comfort when sitting on the floor. The Roll/Zabuton set gives you extra comfort, cushioning your legs from hard floor surfaces. These rolls help with the sitting posture, which is an integral part of meditation practice. Adding height to the pelvis, it becomes easier to straighten the spine when sitting on the floor. The added comfort helps circulation in the legs and relieves tension in the back. Meditation becomes more enjoyable and relaxed, opening the way to a more rewarding practice. These meditation rolls are ideal for advanced practitioners and beginners alike.


  • Size 16cm diameter x 40cm Length
  • 100% cotton twill cover
  • buckwheat husk filling
  • with inner cushion
  • removable cover
  • zipper enclosure
  • manufactured by people with special needs