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Yoga Studio Cinnamon Insoles


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Yoga Studio's Famous Cinnamon Slippers; Hand Made Insoles that have freshly cut, powdered cinnamon sandwiched between the upper and lower soles. These are fantastic odour eliminators.

Also available are our Cinnamon Slippers with the same powdered fresh cinnamon sandwiched between the top and bottom layers.

Our Cinnamon Insoles are a "breath of fresh air". Premium Quality Cinnamon Insoles, made exclusively for Yoga Studio to our specification.

These Insoles have fresh cinnamon in powder form sandwiched between the top and bottom layer of these insoles. Yoga Studio Cinnamon Insoles are hand made and are made to last.

  • Easy Slip-On Style.
  • Absorbs Foot Moisture.
  • Cooling On The Feet.
  • Activates Acupuncture Spots.
  • Promotes Health & Vitality.
  • Disperses Foot Odour.
  • Keeps Your Feet Fresh.
  • Helps Heal and Protect foot-skin, split-callus and fungi.
  • Activates and stimulates the acupresure points of the foot, Open arteries and promotes vitality.
  • Ideal For Indoor Or Outdoor Use.
  • Ideal for Travel.


  • Powdered Cinnamon Bark/Sea Grass
  • Made In Vietnam